Hi, I'm Sriyani.

30 years ago, I moved to Germany and into the world of entrepreneurship. Being a business owner overseas, I recognized my urge to build up an alternative business in my home country.


In 2004, the tsunami hit Sri Lanka seriously.

As a Fundraiser, I helped the residents in the area of Negombo and discovered this amazing location at the lagoon. 10 years in, and still going strong, providing a lovely stay at the Rainbow Lagoon Villa and sharing a unique location with my guests is a dream come true. 


I personally welcome you to get to know me at Rainbow Lagoon Villa and to make your stay a memorable one.


– Nothing soothes the soul quite like

watching the lagoon mirroring the colorful sky from dawn till dusk,

a walk along beach

and a dip in the pool

after a sunny day –

Based on the headlands of Negombo, the satisfying triangular of happiness awaits you everyday at the Rainbow Lagoon Villa. Escape the urban density and daily hectic into a small, unknown area of Sri Lanka.

The concept of the Rainbow Lagoon Villa is simple

–my home is your home–

Kitchen and lingering places are open for all guests. Feel free to buy and cook your own food, use the utilities we offer you in consideration and respect of the house rules and other guests.

–We are one Family–